About Low Carbon Farming

The world requires an ever-growing amount of high-quality produce. This cannot be grown at any cost to the environment, the way we produce food needs to become more sustainable and less damaging. With this in mind, the Low Carbon Farming team set out to improve greenhouse heating systems to meet this challenge, and in doing so created a world first.

World-first projects

Our first two locations will create 360 permanent new jobs in Norfolk and Suffolk. The 70 acres of greenhouses will be capable of producing 12% of the UK’s tomatoes with a 75% reduction in carbon footprint.

  • pest control

    using screens reducing the need for pesticides

  • 10x less

    water usage than field farming

  • 75% less

    carbon footprint for our fresh produce

  • no wastage

    thanks to water recirculation

  • 10x more

    productive than field farming