Following a three-year detailed development process and a successful fundraising process, the construction of the greenhouses at Bury commenced in October 2019. The greenhouses are a world first in capturing waste heat from the nearby Fornham water treatment works, and by way of ground source heat pumps, injecting the previously wasted heat into the greenhouses.

The project is funded by UK’s largest investor in renewable energy, Greencoat Capital, acting on behalf of UK pension funds.

Working closely with the landowner and their agent, a suitable location was identified for 13 hectares/30 acres of greenhouse and ancillary infrastructure.

How it works

Heat is extracted from the Bury St Edmunds water treatment works and transferred in a closed-loop system to the heat pumps located at the greenhouse.

Electricity for the ground source heat pumps will be provided by the grid and Combined Heat and Power units. Such ‘CHPs’ has the added benefits of providing waste heat which further supplements the greenhouse heating and providing carbon dioxide to enrich the atmosphere inside the greenhouse to encourage plant growth.


The location for the greenhouse, on the periphery of the town of Bury St Edmunds, was carefully chosen to be sensitively sited and yet in close proximity to the waste heat of the water treatment works which serves the entirety of Bury St Edmunds.

The greenhouse has attracted support from all levels of Government and will form a valuable part of the Bury St Edmunds and UK economy.

Key statistics

  • 3x

    more glass than the shard

  • 5km+

    of underground pipeline

  • £50m


  • 20 football pitches

    or 30 acres of greenhouse growing space

  • 150+ jobs

    In the area